Refraining from certain activities can be considered as a sign of sacrifice, surrender the ego, or a religious method, especially in Asian cultures, in the West fasting is more than healing processes and detoxification which causes the body to regain its original levels, even to mind.

That’s why it’s advisable in religion, for meditation and purification, even being able to get to limit the words with a technique of thinking before speaking and emotional support.

And since the holidays are the time to pick up the good harvests we have made in the year, it’s always advisable to practice fasting, that allow us to keep track of the path we have chosen to achieve the goals and focus our directions, giving a break to our body from food.

Consume water and liquids without chemical additives or sugars, and you will be rewarded with a clear mind, focused intentions, delicious meals and spend a good time with your family.

Allow the expansion surpassing physical restraint to focus on your new goals!