When I say I am a “Holistic Nutricionist” I often see a face staring at me like saying “I don’t understand.” I try to explain it again and again but in Spanish it seems that the concept of Holistic Nutritionist is a bit difficult to understand.

The aesthetics of beauty is a natural concern rather than to the perfection of the proportions and appearance, which makes us seek by all means how to always look young and perfect, although this is only superficial.

So when we want to improve our real appearance, the search should start (without neglecting the outside) through an analysis of what happens within us, to project a positive and holistic wellbeing experience!

The cosmetic and holistic nutrition is a concept created based on this concept of beauty,followed by major celebrities from the world of the catwalk, film and showbiz that  based its beauty on a combination of cosmetics, herbal medicine and treatments.

In a consultation of Holistic Nutrition, weight loss diets are designed taking into account healthfirst, searching for the source of excess weight such as anxiety, low metabolism, poor digestion of fats or lack of nutrients.

The cause of overweight is searched to correct it with the treatment will be much more durable.

The patient is taught to eat in a healthy way to give a diet that can keep perhaps for the rest of his life, which have an impact not only in weight but also your health

Along with diet is recommend a number of natural supplements to increase vital energy and increase your metabolism, and thereby improve both physical and mental performance. Supplements that are usually recommended in holistic nutrition are minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, digestive aids and bifidus. These supplements are all natural and help the body to regain its vitality and find its balance.

So that’s me! A Holistic Nutritionist and a beauty expert!