Is it really necessary to shower several times a day, and are all the products we use necessary?

Humans have adopted the habit of bathing frecuently (some everyday and others not so often). This has favored the industry dedicated to personal care and grooming and today is very common to see that media channels launch campaigns like “new and improved products and tools for our personal cleaning”. The use of this products has lead us to spend each day more time in taking a bath or in the bathtub.

According to the dermatologist I cite in this article, spending too much time bathing has more disadvantages than advantages.

1. The frequent cleaning of the skin, destroys the protective barriers such as the protective acid mantle, hydrolipidic  and corneum, which breaks some people’s myth believing that the cleanest you are, the most protected you are against bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms that attack the skin, but what really happens is the opposite.

2. Water should be cooler than warmer when you shower and never too hot because in the long run it will cause some sagging, dry skin and subsequently pruritus occurs later.

3. Showers should last just a few mintues and not more than twice a day: Take a first “main shower” and then a secondary one later on. The main shower should be in the afternoon or evening because we’ve been active all day and we need to have our body clean before bed. The second bath should be in the morning and it should be a quick one because we have less time and because we come from a clean area which is our bedroom.