The Hunchback of Notre Dame was your favorite movie? How beautiful, what is not so beautiful is to have a hump. A good posture surely can help.

A hump is a formation that goes behind the back, but I have a hump behind the neck  but not just a hump but a big “hump”. This is because of so many hours in the computer. I got one and unless I get massages, it keeps bugging me.

In most cases, is due to the adoption or prolonged awkward postures that lack power inthe paravertebral muscles, ie behind the back. In some cases the presence of a humpindicates some deformity or health complications, so you should ask your doctor if that’s the case. It was once thought to cause back pain, but it has been shown that it is not.

What can we do about it and have a good posture?

There are two exercises that can help you find the position for a neutral spine:

1. Head and neck to a neutral spine:

While standing, bend the chin down slightly and push your head back and up, as if trying to flatten the neck against a wall.

With an eye level, projecting his chin forward, as if to ward off the neck of the wall

Repeat these movements slowly five times to become familiar with the range of neck movement.

Luego de la última repetición, trate de conseguir la posición más confortable entre los dos movimientos

This is the healthiest position for your head and neck for a good posture.

It strikes me that we can drink Ginger to begin to heal from the inside out.

Ginger: This root has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine in India as an effective treatment for arthritis.

It is very beneficial to the body, especially for its effective anti-inflammatory action. It’s enough to take half teaspoon powder or a mixed integer preferably daily, for example, in a salad.


Beneficial exercises are those that work with the trunk corrected position, develop the muscles that support or assist the static spine. Pilates or yoga can help you have a good posture