My brother always called me “nose”. Do not know if you ever saw that commercial where the woman and the man had giant nose instead of a head.
That was me all my life. I think Klennex should give people like me a discount for life.
Wondering why I was like this since I was a kid a after reading and reading a lot of books about allergies I started to think , what about what I am eating?
We are eating cheese and milk in my house since I can remember.
I decided to do an experiment.
Reduce consumption of dairy products. Nothing that came from a cow for a week. No cheese, no butter, no milk. Nothing is nothing.
I was addicted as a response!
How can anyone in life go on without cheese?
Well that week my runny nose completely stopped. I had no allergies, nor did I have to buy more Klenex!
I started removing the milk latte and just adding soy milk.
I did not like Soy, now I like it.
I keep avoiding  cheese when I can. I try to eat white cheese and I got some made of soybeans and it turned out to be quite acceptable.
I made peace with the “Mother Cow” and I said
Muchassssss thanks for so many years of food.