Just by thinking about steam baths my mind and body relax. I don’t know why, but the feeling of moist heat in the body makes you feel free, detoxified and like new. It’s not only excellent for the skin, also beneficial to your health. Today I want to talk to you about the benefits of steam baths!

Many people prefer to use the sauna to avoid a “drowning” feeling  but although the sauna has benefits relieving muscle tension in our body, we can make higher profits with steam baths.

Improve your skin and health by using steam baths

If you have congestion, steam baths can clear the airways, relieving and improving your breathing. This is because the moist heat of the room opens mucous membranes of the body relieving nasal pressure. This is great for those who tend to suffer from asthma and respiratory diseases.

If you are the type that uses steam to get out of doing gym to help your body to lose weight a little more … You’re doing fine! Steam baths help speed up the metabolism, which can help you lose weight. When you go into that room dry, leaves wet with sweat and water spray. That means your body is losing water full of negative toxins, even fat.

For those who tend to retain fluid, the steam bath is an excellent option to relieve this retention.

Your skin will feel great after the routine use of steam for its detoxifying operation. Moist heat opens the pores and increases blood and lymphatic circulation, which makes your skin feel softer and clean your skin to expel all toxins. For people who suffer from acne, steam baths are excellent for cleaning the impurities under this same effect, especially when we have excess of black spots on the body.