Have you ever wondered why at certain times, under certain circumstances and with certain people, women are more likely to have sex?

According to Meredith Chivers, Queens University (Canada), for sex is essential to stimulate the brain of women. Doctors, neuroscientists and psychologists have identified in the last decade a few tricks that help arouse the female desire, here are a few:

What increases sexual desire in women?


According to a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, women who take at least one tablet of black chocolate daily experience greater sexual desire and have sex more pleasurable. So it seems like chocolate really increases sexual desire.

And what’s more interesting: it works at any age.


Practicing yoga regularly not only reduces stress and inflammation. Scientists at Harvard Medical School (USA) found that the repetition of postures or “asanas” of this activity for at least twelve weeks to extending the desire, arousal, lubrication, and the number of orgasms in women 22-55 years.

Low Cholesterol

Katherine Esposito and colleagues from the Seconda Università degli Studi of Naples (Italy) have shown that women with high levels of cholesterol and other blood fats experienced a significant decrease in arousal, orgasm and desire. Meanwhile, Annamaria Veronelli, University of Milan, has linked female sexual dysfunction problems with diabetes, obesity and low activity of the thyroid gland.


In an experiment with more than a thousand pairs of twins, scientists from King? S College London showed that women with more emotional intelligence ability to manage their own and others’ feelings, orgasms are twice the rest of the women. According to Tim Spector, co-author of the study, following the results it is clear that “intelligence is an advantage even in bed.”

A glass of wine

A couple of years ago, researchers at the University of Florence (Italy) enrolled 800 women of 18-50 years old to study whether drinking red wine had any effect on female libido.

The experiments, of which echoed the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found that consuming a glass or two of wine a day increases sexual desire. Scientists suggest that is because this beverage antioxidants increase blood flow to key areas of the body.