Dentists typically recommend that for the most part, their patients ought to follow standardized calendar for their dental health. This includes daily flossing and brushing with visits to the dentist twice a year for a professional examination and cleaning. While these recommendations hold true for most of the general population, the truth is that the frequency of having dental appointments can be a highly individual affair.

Dentist, point out that some patients who have stellar oral health might be able to get away with having dental cleanings less often, while patients who have specific risks for serious dental issue should try to visit their dentist more than twice per year. The following are all reasons why you may want to see your dentist more often than the recommended biannual visit.


You are a Smoker

Cigarette smokers have a much greater risk of developing oral cancer as well as periodontal disease and other types of oral infections. This is why it is so important for smokers to schedule visits with their dentist more frequently. This way, they will be able to address and identify and red flags that might appear before they develop into major health issues that could cause irreversible damage.

You are Prone to Extra Tartar and Plaque Buildup

Your regular dentist will be able to let you know if your mouth generates high levels of tartar and plaque. Some patients have this issue due to their family genetics while other patients might be more prone to tartar and plaque buildup because they do not try to keep up good dental hygiene.

Regardless of whatever the cause may be, if this is a problem that you have then you should make a point of seeing your dentist and hygienist every three months in order to ensure all of the tartar and plaque is adequately removed. Doing this will help keep cavities from forming as well as helping prevent other oral health issues from starting.

You Have Persistent Bad Breath

From time to time everyone will have bad breath. However, if you suffer from a chronic case of halitosis (bad breath) you should see your dentist more frequently that every six months. The reason for this is that chronic bad breath is usually a warning sign of gum disease, tooth decay or another oral health issue. Even if that isn’t the cause, your dentist could point out ways to reduce the problem, like brushing your tongue or using medicated mouthwash.

You Have Heart Disease

Having poor dental health is known to increase the risk of having a heart attack and/or having a stroke. Did you know there is a link between gum disease and cardiac conditions?

If you already are facing a risk for these complications because you have heart disease, then it makes sense to make your oral health a priority. Doing this you will greatly mitigate the risk of having more cardiac issues.

If You Have Chronic Illnesses

There are some health conditions and their treatments that will provoke oral inflammation among other dental issues. Some of these conditions include diabetes, cancer and HIV. If your doctor has diagnosed you with or is treating you for any of these ailments, then it is exceptionally important to be seen by your dentist more often that twice a year. Generally, anyone with a weakened immune system, regardless of the reason why, should get more frequent dental cleanings.

Oral health and its risk factors can vary greatly between people. This is why it is so important to work with your dentist in order to come up with a treatment schedule that is best for your needs. No matter the frequency of your visits, getting professional cleanings will help prevent cavities and gum disease while helping you maintain your oral health for the foreseeable future.