Ok, you know it already, I die for shoes, I can actually watch them, turn them around, admire its design and manufacture without getting tired, I confess that I’ve even bought a few that are not my size just to to have them and see them and inspire me, and yes, shoes inspire me, move me, and I think that human beings are capable of creating great beauty too for designing these intricate objects called shoes … LOVE …

I think they are so important in a wardrobe that if you wear something very simple and flat, it’s enough that you put some special shoes to lift the whole look.

Shoes for every girl

Have you ever looked at a pair of high heel boots tailored and made from nappa leather with emotion (Sorry vegans, although I am now looking for some eco-friendly options.) with delicate seams that are barely seen and stylize your calves and make you look like you have kilometric legs? Well you’ve missed of something close to ecstasy.

Well, this time I will talk about summer footwear, sandals, flat, with heels, aggressive, platforms, avant garde and modositas too.

I would own all the ones in this compilation that I bring to you today, the Givenchy to wear with a black dress to the knee Hepburn type, or with a pair of white shorts and a tank top … The Chloé with a maxi gauzy silk skirt, the divine sweet little Phillip Lim almost everything and the Indians of Surface to Air with jeans or a cute pleated miniskirt.

Here I give you, Be inspired, dare and Get out of the mold, for that use those Demulemeester, (one of my favorite designers), that will give a touch contemporary yet sexy with gladiator sandals, to be worn with slacks and sheer at the ankles, and preferably black jersey asymmetrical those that are so interesting.

There is something for all tastes and budgets, no excuses!