If you’re someone who is looking to better your beauty routine, you need to look into products that utilize natural ingredients. Having healthy hair and skin doesn’t have to include a strict regime or an expensive price tag. In fact, common chemicals and toxins that are found in commercial products can do a lot more harm in the long run.

To get the best out of your skin and hair care routine, try incorporating products with some of the following natural ingredients in them.


Olive Oil

One beauty product that you can probably find in your kitchen is olive oil. For your hair, olive oil is a powerful emollient. It adds shine, softness, resilience, and body. It’s a natural ingredient that can easily penetrate down to your hair shaft, helping to retain moisture.

For skin, the monounsaturated fatty acids in products that have olive oil protect it from aging.

 Coconut Oil and Water

Beauty items that contain coconut oil provide many nutritional benefits for both your skin and hair. Coconut oil is another natural ingredient that has strong moisturizing properties. On the skin, coconut oil can help seal in moisture, giving you smooth and soft skin. Moisturizes with coconut oil can also help revitalize the skin and reduce inflammation.

Every Day Shampoo from Playa contains coconut water which more easily penetrates the shafts of your hair, supporting healthy growth.


The different parts of an avocado can be used for different parts of your beauty routine. Whether it’s the oil, the seed, or the fruit itself, you can use it fix dry and damaged hair. It’s one of the best natural moisturizers for both the skin and hair and provides a good source of vitamin E, protein, and healthy fat.


Honey is composed of primarily glucose and fructose, but it has tons of proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and other natural components that offer great beauty benefits. It can keep your skin looking young, prevents pathogen infections, and regulates pH levels.

Honey’s hair benefits include acting as a conditioner, humectant, emollient, and soothing agent.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another product that has been popular for cooking purposes but also serves as a great beauty item. It’s known to be a powerful agent for fighting acne. This product also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties which keep your pores free from oil, dust, and bacteria.

For your hair, apple cider vinegar can clarify it by ridding it of any buildup left by harmful chemicals on your hair or scalp. It can also help restore the natural pH levels in your skin and scalp.


Rich in biotin, proteins, and other B vitamins, this superfood can be extremely beneficial to your hair and skin. Products such as scrubs and moisturizers can cleanse, buffer, sooth, and protect your skin. Studies have also shown that it can be used as a treatment for atopic dermatitis.  Oatmeal can also rid your scalp of dried skin, and finely powdered oatmeal can be used as a dry shampoo to keep your hair smelling and looking fresh.  


Tomatoes are water-rich vegetables that contain powerful nutrients that can support healthy skin and hair. They’re packed with lycopene, a strong antioxidant that helps repair and prevent damage to DNA. In products aimed at your skin, it can protect against aging and sunburn. In hair products, tomatoes strengthen the strands and promote hair growth by balancing out the pH levels of your scalp.

The Bottom Line

Achieving healthy hair and skin is as easy as going into your pantry. However, it’s best to reach for products concocted from these ingredients that are formulated to target problem areas. Incorporate these natural ingredients into your beauty routine by closing researching the products you buy.