Our sixth sense it’s our extra sensorial sense that manifests inwardly by calling our
spiritual attention. We need to learn how to recognize it by listen to it.

For many centuries, women have been critically misunderstood because of their natural use of their sixth sense.

Women have sensorial abilities that help them to observe and take faster decisions than men. Research have shown that women have more hemispheres in their bran that help them to put together any puzzle faster than men and that ability helps them to enter in to another dimension outside from their intellect, a fourth extra sensorial dimension  also name; intuition.

We use our five senses to understand with our intellect our daily lives. However, we were not taught in our schools or home how to use it.  When we activate our sixth sense by learning about ourselves, we learn how to use that fourth spiritual dimension.

We need to learn how to use that spiritual antenna in order to use our sixth sense. It is necessary to learn how to activate our spiritual senses with maturity and spiritual knowledge. Our spiritual understanding needs to be guided by daily connection with our creator.

Like our spiritual teachers or saints, anyone else is more than able to develop a spiritual discipline by spending time meditating, silence, praying or singing spiritual songs.

The people who are able to understand their need to find their spiritual journey and path for knowledge are the ones who accept their need for inner peace. The most important thing it’s to learn how to use our sixth sense.


Tips to develop our sixth sense:

1. Find a peaceful park or mountain to go and relax in silent. Don’t think

2. Learn to hear the sounds of nature

3. Practice meditate or reflex on daily basis

4. Read spiritual books that teaches you wisdom and spiritual understanding

5. Listen to spiritual or instrumental music

6. Prayer connects you with your creator

7. Close your eyes and in silence connect to your inner self

8. Use your spiritual ears


Blog entry is a colaboration of Gina Suzanne Resto-Webb
The writer of Spiritual Health was born in Costa Rica. Started acting in TV commercials when she was only 10 years old and since then have been studying acting. For the last 25 years of his artistic life has been living between New York, Miami and Costa Rica acting for different productions.  She is working on her third Master’s degree for Educational Theater. After completing her first two master’s degrees in Spanish Literature and Bilingual Education she created Creative Language Workshops (creativelanguageworkshops.com)