The holidays are here and many people fear they will gain weight because no matter where they go there’s always food and everything seems so delicious!

Today I give you some tips to not gain weight during the holidays!

5 Tips to not gain weight this christmas

Get rid of fat: Before cocking your christmas meals, remove the skin from the turkey, bacon from meat and fat from broth or soups.

Eat vegetable fiber: Food that’s high in fiber like green vegetables and whole grain cereals, drag from the intestine the excess of fat ingested during those days.

Drink with moderation: It’s classic of this festivities to abuse of alcoholic beverages that contain plenty calories that will turn into corporal fat and “love handles” on your body.

Don’t prolong your appetite: Avoid getting to the christmas diner “starving like a dog”. It’s better to have a good breakfast and that to have a light lunch but they have to be complete.

Avoid snacking between hours: Don’t fall for the temptations! This is why it’s important that on your pantry there are not too many snacks, candies, cookies or anything that will get you eating at any time.

Getting a few extra pounds during December holidays seems to be inevitable, but I can assure you that if you follow these tips will help you balance your food ingest thus avoiding gaining weight.