I can’t believe how many calories we can accumulate throughout the weekend! That is why each day I want to provide you tips so you keep your figure. Try this tomato soup to lose weight fast

Do you want to lose weight fast? – And I really mean… Fast.

I recommend one of the most famous diets to lose weight, this is the diet that patients with heart diseases from the Secret Memorial Hospital in the U.S follow before going into surgery.

It is a one-week plan to clean impurities and burn fat really fast. The secret of this diet is a soup that burns fat which must be eaten everyday, the amount you want since it barely has calories.

How to make the soup:

  • Boil 6 onions, 2 green peppers, a nosegay of celery and a head of a cabbage.
  • Add 2 kilos of tomatoes, or 2 jars of organic tomatoes, add salt and pepper and mix them in the blender until you have a paste.

Besides you can eat fruits, vegetables, integral rice, some meat, skim milk, juice, tea without sugar and coffee. Anything else is strictly forbidden.