If your days goes by with you sitting in front of a computer or in an office, today I want to motivate you stand up. Start moving with these reasons! Walking every day keeps you happier and healthier at the same time.

Walking every day at least 20 minutes provides amazing benefits to your body. Do you still doubt? You don’t need much, just willpower; include it in your daily routine and start moving.

These are the 8 reasons why walking every day keeps you healthier:

  • It will improve your digestion: walking after eating accelerates your metabolism and helps digestion.
  • You will burn fat: a half and hour walk every day burns between 80 and 100 calories.
  • It is a cardiovascular exercise: and you will protect your heart. Walking increases your heart rate, improves the flow stream and reduces cholesterol. Good bye heart diseases!
  • It is energetic: when you walk you increase the flow of blood, reduce stress levels and eliminate drowsiness, meaning that you feel like you have come back to life.
  • You will tone your legs: especially your thighs and calves. They will look amazing! And even more if you add stairs and different challenges to your daily walks.
  •  It will protect your bones and joints: it is an excellent cure to ease pain and inflammations. It prevents arthritis, osteoporosis, hips complications; while making your bones stronger.
  • It will reduce anxiety: by decreasing tension and stress you will cut down your levels of anxiety significantly.
  • It will improve your mood!: Walking sets endorphins free that produce a sensation of well-being and happiness. Walk for a while and forget about worries, frustrations or sadness.