Herbs are the natural alchemists of the body, they are strong but delicate at the same time.

I have always considered our bodies a unbreachable stronghold, even with our excesses, bad habits, the medicine invasion, fast food, mood changes… but sometimes our stronghold is compromised and we feel it in our stomachs with bad digestion. That’s why herbs are my secret weapon.

Who doesn’t suffer for it? I would bet on everybody. In this world that is so agitated and full of manipulated foods, we all suffer in a higher or lower degree.

Nature is condescendent with our bodies because there are plenty of plants that help us improve the digestion process. The list is long, but I want to make emphasis on three special herbs, that aren’t difficult to find and that are easy to be grown; remember to eat them regularly.:

  • Peppermint: Stomach affections can be easily eased by drinking an infusion made out of this plant. It works for digestion, gas, nausea, colics, diarrhea, heartburn, halitosis, and travel sickness.
  • Melissa: It is perfect to counter rest anxiety and nerves. This works as a powerful natural sedatory and forbids the emotions to affect the stomach. Besides it helps digestion to better absorb nutrients..
  • Fennel: Every component of this plant can be used, from the leaves to the seeds. It eases colics, stomach cramps, and it doesn’t hurt “delicate” stomachs. It helps digestion eliminate fat, this is why this plant is used along with processes to lose weight.