You might think this is all lie, but warts that appear on our body might carry the meaning of a strong negative emotion you have been put through. Do you think it is true? Read this and find it out.

It is believed that warts appear on people with low self esteem. You might be going through a process of emotional “break out”, or aggression.

Phrases like “I’m worthless” “I’m not enough” weaken your defences and may make little warts appear as marks of your emotional stress. Those who believe in this think that the place where the warts appear are directly related to a specific emotional problem.

Providing this is true, your warts’ location may indicate the following:

  • Feet: You have a problem with your roots (parents, grandparents, brothers or sisters
  • Face: it is the image you have of yourself
  • Neck: You are mentally growing old
  • Back or the palm of your hand: confidence problems at work.
  • Eyelids: You need to take responsibility for your actions.
  • Arms: You feel you aren’t doing it right at work or with any other responsibilities.
  • Soles: You are afraid of the future and changes.

Do you think it is true? Anyway, depression and strong emotional problems affect our body. Maybe your warts are more related to your skin and you should go to the dermatologist, but it is always good to ease your emotional issues.