Fucus is an algae that constitutes a true concentration of mineral salts, oligoelements, vitamins and iodine. If you live in America or Europe is used in mesotherapy doctors,  in the United States has began to use. You must be careful because it is not for everyone and depends on what you match with.

Its high iodine content confers to fucus a thyroid stimulating action favoring catabolic processes, so it is used in therapy of obesity and overweight.

Traditionally acts as a protector of the digestive mucous and smooth laxative.

Indicated for: obesity, adiposity, constipation, hypothyroidism, and gout.
The abundance of mineral salts makes fucus a  remineralizing plant.

1. Good intestinal tonic

2. Weight loss supplement in diets for their effect on satiety.

3. Gentle natural laxative action without the harmful effects of synthetic drugs.

4. Helps lower cholesterol levels.

5. Traditionally used in treatment of excessive uric acid.

6. Stimulates the thyroid and increases metabolism contributing to weight loss

7. Reduces the acidity and is useful in gastritis, esophageal reflux and hiatus hernia.

8. Hypolipemiant by decreasing the level of blood lipids.

9. Reduces wrinkles, stretch marks and sagging of the tissues

10. Anticellulite