With the new year we make resolutions thousand purposes and New Year, how to get a better job, have more emotional stability, buy that car of your dreams and of course Dieting! But also continue your diet.

January is the month of those whoe start the diet. Now … 95% of people who start dieting in January don’t continue with it until the end of the year, and thus lose their purpose and goals quickly. Today I want to encourage you to continue your diet and New Year’s resolution, giving you 10 good reasons why you should continue your diet until December this year.

10 Reasons why you should continue your diet this year

  1. At the end of the year you can compare the pictures last December and feel great to see the result. Trust me! You’ll feel so proud that will reject all the Christmas sweets and will inspire you to stick with your routine and continue your diet.
  2. You’ll feel better and younger. Diets stylize our body and make us feel a few years younger (goodbye to those extra pounds)
  3. It’s the best gift you can have the next Christmas, the result of your efforts and your work.
  4. Your friends will admire you more. You were faithful to your goals and strong, for you, the sky is the limit.
  5. You’ll know that it’s not worth saying “start tomorrow” – Your sentence is “I am working to overcome my challenges”
  6. You’ll have more confidence in yourself at the end of the year. Not only will you look better (which helps a lot), but you’ll feel able to accomplish anything you set your mind. And you know.
  7. You’ll be much healthier. Your body will thank you.
  8. You won’t have that love handle that bothers you. It takes effort, you know … but at the end of the year it pays off.
  9. You can go shopping and know that everything will be fine.Your Christmas will have a few sizes smaller! How does that sound?
  10. At the end of the year you’ve stopped calling “diet” and it will become your lifestyle.


Make your goals a reality, be brave and have the courage to pursue your dreams.