1. Discard potatoes that you have in your pantry if they are green, this means they have
alkaloid that can be poisonous to your body.

2. Do not buy large quantities if you will not use them quickly, because over time they lose properties and flavor, so it is advisable to buy small quantities and store in a dry, dark place.

3.  Oldest potatoes can be recognized when they are a bit dry, you need to choose them relapse free and without green spots that appear when they have been exposed to light.

4. Avoid having scaly patches or putrefaction because if only superficially look, the more certain is that the potato is damaged inside.

5. If you have to peel, do not buy small potatoes because it takes much work to peel one by one, it is advisable to buy from the large to avoid long time doing it.

6. When cutting potatoes for some preparation, soak in cold water, because they get darke and oxidize with air, and keep them there until the time of preparation.

7. If they were washed in the supermarket, buy those that are not bagged in plastic, because although they seem moist and fresh, condensation of moisture make it taste unpleasant musty.

8. To boil choose tender potatoes , preferably small and wash them well before placing them in boiling water and a handful of salt.

9. Boiled potatoes are very absorbent and combine well dishes with lots of sauce. In some countries add boiled potatoes to stews 25 minutes before end of cooking to absorb fats and rich dish made ​​without changing the texture or flavor of the stew.

10. Do not throw what you have left. Use them as a poultice to relieve shock. Cut them in pieces and wrap in half, wet the middle and you put it where you have a hit.