Do you really need a reason to start running? If you’re looking for a sign to start this exercise just think that the number 1 benefit will be your health. Today I want to give you 4 reasons to start running.

Why run? A sedentary lifestyle that is promoted in our busy days have led to a steady, dependable, little free life. Running is an exercise that provides easy enjoyment, without major complications and the best: It’s free! And this is just a preview of the real reasons I give below.

4 Reasons to start running

1) It’s excellent for your heart

The heart is the organ responsible for pumping the blood that carries oxygen throughout your body. When you exercise you are making your heart rhyme increase and bring more oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. As you run your arteries become more resilient and better able to clean the fat deposits that may have developed on their walls. This also helps regulate blood pressure. If you suffer from high blood pressure, you run it will help lower it.

2) Keeps your muscles and bones healthy

Running tones your muscles because you expose a constant cardiovascular activity. With daily training you can improve your muscular strength and endurance. Not only this, your bones are also increasingly strengthened, as this exercise becomes more resilient and flexible, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and other bone problems.

3) Lowers cholesterol

People who run tend to have lower cholesterol. When you run the HDL (the good one) increases, while the bad fat and triglycerides decrease. Thus prevent cardiovascular disease.

4) Strengthens your lungs

To run your body needs more oxygen, so your lungs must work more, increasing their strength and capacity to a potential’ve not used. Running also increases the number of capillaries, tiny blood vessels through which oxygen is transported in the blood. The result is a more efficient breathing.

So don’t wait any longer … Grab those pair of sneakers you like, your iPod and choose your route. What do you like the most about running?