San Diego State University experts revealed the amount of bacteria that exist in the workplace.

According to the research, published in the journal PLoS One, which had a history in an office building there are millions of bacteria in the air, concluded that the contaminated surfaces of microbes are the chairs and telephones.

In addition, after DNA analysis, the study shows that most of the bacteria show in the office are the same as found in the mouth, skin and nose.

However, the most surprising to some, is that researchers found that the offices occupied mostly by men are dirtier than those using women.

This difference can be explained by the hygiene of both sexes.

And what left me in shock was the following statement:

1. According to experts, men washed less their hands and teeth, so your workplace is more polluted.

2. The same happen, because the male body size is greater than that of women so they are more likely to be colonized by bacteria.

I’m not at all a feminist, but also grew up with men, and now I live with one. It is true that men occupy more space and we need to clear more ..

How to be more neat and clean:

1. Heavy items should be placed on low shelves.

2. Close desk drawers or files after use, carefully open or close any door.

3. When you need to reach an object that is on a high shelf, do not climb on a chair, box or similar object, use a double-bladed ladder

4. Keep out of reach or sharp pointed objects. Save in secure containers.

5.Do not stack boxes, papers or other items of a certain weight on desktops. When transporting liquid infusions do it wisely.