Do your vegetables spoil in the refrigerator? Those tomatoes you bought a few days ago were spoiled and you can’t do that salad you had in mind. It’s happened to me, way too many times… That’s why I bring you 5 Tricks to make your your vegetables last longer.

The advantages of these tricks is that you are fully leveraging the quantities bought, without any waste. My mom always said to me “you can’t throw food away” and I always agreed on that. Food is to eat, not to be thrown away … especially if it’s spoiled cause of neglect.

5 Tricks to make your vegetables last longer

  • Store onions in nylons

According to the myth of grandmothers, onions that are out of the refrigerator can be preserved in a nylon stocking up to 8 months. Place an onion in sock, tie a knot, put another and make another knot … and so on. Onion, knot, onion knot.

  • Wrap the tip of the bunch of bananas with foil

With this trick home, bananas can last up to 3 days. Put them away from other fruits in a cool environment and see the difference.

  • Wrap lettuce with paper

Just as you read it. Place your lettuce in a bowl and put a paper towel over the top, cover with plastic wrap and looks like lettuce is preserved throughout a week with his typical bright green color. This is because the napkin absorbs moisture and prevents the lettuce starts to decompose.

  • Don’t mix onions and potatoes

Storing onions and potatoes in the same place will only make them to spoil faster. Onions last much longer if they are alone in a cool, dry place.

  • Don’t put tomatoes in plastic bags

Sometimes we let our tomatoes in the bag market … and this is a mistake. Ethylene trapped in the bag will make the tomatoes ripen faster, especially if you have tomatoes in various stages of maturation. Keep them by color (green, red, ripe, overripe)

Many of the vegetables out of the fridge better preserved, than inside. Few vegetables like lettuce, which must be kept cold.

How do you keep your fruits and vegetables?