1)Trash cans: Use grocery plastic bags for the basket in the bathroom, desk or any room in the house with a container used for throwing garbage away. Use it for a long time if what you throw is not liquid or smelly.

2) In the car: use plastic bags in the car to throw away that meet there. Save some in the glove compartment for emergencies or travel.

3) Laundry: Use plastic bags when you travel, use it to put the laundry and bring it back. Do the same when you go to a club or a field trip and bring wet clothes. Once used the bag, and if it’s not dirty or smelling, dry it and use it again.

4) Liquid products: Use plastic bags  to transport cosmetics or cleaning when you travel in case of a possible spillage. Do not throw them away after you arrive. Keep them and use them when you return. The more you recicle, the less trash produced on the planet.

5) Shoes: Use them to store your shoes in the bags when you travel. They will be protected and also, will prevent the laundry not getting into contact with them. Save the bags for the return and then recycle them.