Surely you’ve ever used a straightener or hairdryer. To me, it makes me nervous when I see that white smoke coming out when straightening my hair and think of the damage that I can be doing to my hair. Moreover, these heating appliances are dangerous when we leave them plugged. So, not only we endanger our hair, but our house!

There are some of these items whose cases don’t resist heat well, and tend to melt, burn surfaces, to do short circuits and fire. Today’s topic is addressed to the “extra” care must take with the use of straighteners and hair dryers. As these devices run on electricity, you should follow these hair straightener safety tips.

7 Dyer and hair straightener safety tips

  1. The dryer in the bathroom: usually we dry our hair while we’re in the bathroom, cause of the mirrors and hairbrushes your have there. Unplug your hair dryer after use! The proximity to water is a risk of short circuit.
  2. Stay away from water: I’m talking about the bath tube, sink and water containers, those should stay away, this is an important hair straightener safety tips that works for every appliance that uses electricity.
  3. Unplug after using the straightener or hair dryer: this saves electricity (and money), and also minimizes the risk of fires.
  4. Watch with the cables: Carefully roll it up, don’t pull on and try in the most possible way to be careful with the cable to no cause any breakages or damage.
  5. Clean your hairdryer: every two or three months clean the removable grid, since there can be hair and fluff stuck there.
  6. Don’t overload the outlet: just plug in a device, be it iron, hair dryer, curlier, etc. Part of the hair straightener safety tips is that you also use just what you need when you need it.
  7. Devices have an expiration date: Yes they do, those worn and with broken wires should go in the trash. Forget about trying to fix them with tape! Your hair and safety come first.