Maybe you’ve never asked yourself about it, but are you using the right underwear to exercise?

Some say that the best way is to not use underwear, or use some underwear suitable for your skin so it won’t get damaged when doing physical activity.

Is your underwear appropriate to exercise?

If you’re like me, you use underwear for exercise, you should know about health and hygiene for personal clothing do not suffer from any disease or skin damage. Check these tips that you should keep in mind about your undies when you exercise:

The fabric of your undies matter.

Whether you like it or not to use underwear, you should know that sports clothing is not effective protection, whereas our intimate area bacteria love warm, moist environment. Underwear helps protect your intimate part of sweat, obviously it would be best to use fabrics that wick moisture, antibacterial and airy fabrics. Avoid synthetic fabrics.

Thongs (g-strings) are not recommended

Friction and heat generated cause can be uncomfortable when exercising. Furthermore, it is common for G-strings to be tight and constantly slide back and forth which can lead to vaginal or urinary tract infection. So…. no thanks

Lace and satin fabrics are for another occasion

They are the best fabrics to exercise. The lace can cause unnecessary friction and irritation. The best fabric to exercise in that case would cotton

For those times of the month…

When menstruation comes to visit, it’s important to use comfortable underwear and hold in place sanitary pads or tampons. The best recommendation would be to train with an organic buffer having less friction with your intimate part.