Our body accumulates heavy metals found in the environment. A healthy diet can contribute to its elimination. A vegetable smoothie is an excellent choice to purifying our body.

Today, I suggest a smoothie of apples,carrots and beets, in addition to having a beautiful color, will energize your body and allow debugging of heavy metals.

The beet is the star ingredient in this smoothie. Its high fiber content helps prevent constipation, also a potent anticarcinogenic for its flavonoids, provides minerals, have rejuvenating properties and eliminates toxins. For its part, the carrot has a diuretic effect and is rich in phosphorus. Finally apple has anti-inflammatory function, purifying and is a mild laxative for its content of cystine and arginine.

You can consume this juice in the mornings. Ingredients peeled and chopped.

Beet, Apple & Carrots Smoothie:

  • 2 carrots.
  • 3 small beets.
  • 2 apples (color of your choice)
  • Water

Place ingredients on a blender, add the required amount of water (you can make more fluid or thick depending on your taste) liquate and serve at room temperature.

What do you think of this smoothie? Try it and tell me your experience!