Have you ever heard that ice is fantastic for your skin? It might seem a torture that something so cold touches our delicate skin, but perhaps without realizing it you’ve been using it more than once.

Ice is the best ally for the health of our skin!

If you have fallen or have suffered inflammations, surely you’ve placing a cold pack ice on the area. And boy that helps improve muscle conditions!

Today I want to tell all the benefits that massage your skin with ice or use cold therapies such as cryotherapy.

Using ice is a very effective treatment for our muscles, either to reduce pain and inflammation. That is why many therapists around the world have used very low temperatures to treat injuries of this type.

The sensations are intense and varied, starting with an intolerance to intense cold, then a burning, pain, and then anesthesia. All this between 1 and 2 minutes.

5 Amazing benefits of ice massage on your skin

What should I consider? Ice massage should be applied directly to the area with ice rested outside the freezer. Remember not to massage the same area for more than 12 minutes to avoid frostbite.

Have you ever wondered what benefits brings the ice on your skin? Here are five benefits that ice massage gives your skin:

1- Brighter skin

Ice help with blood circulation, which of your skin a radiant glow. You can make ice cubes juice to prolong these effects.

2- Reduces stains

When you have swelling, redness and blemishes, ice can help reduce them. If you have acne you can also use ice to cleanse and purify the area.

3- Reduces dark circles

Freeze a combination of cucumber juice and rosewater, and uses these ice cubes to the bottom of your eyes. These decreases swelling.

4- Tones your skin

Do you want a smoother and more toned skin? Ice is the best way to operate your muscles and purify your skin. Clean your pores naturally before inserting makeup.

5- Prevents wrinkles

Ice massage delays the appearance of wrinkles, keeps your face hydrated and relieves symptoms of aging.

So now you know, ice massage is excellent for your skin, so you can start to practice and have that beautiful skin you long.