So, what are healthy diets exactly?

In a world where it is increasingly recurrent the need to maintain an ideal weight, there is a social pressure that leads us to find a way to lose weight by any means necessary, but they never mention the dark side of this reality.

Caring for your body and controling your diet is beneficial, but there are misconceptions of what to do to lose those extra kilos, as soon as possible.

Discover the dark side of Healthy diets

What we must know

First we consider our general characteristics such as weight, height, metabolism and other factors that may affect, in one way or another, the process and the outcome.

Beware of fleeting diets! Following diets that promise rapid weight loose in a short amount of time does not benefit us as much as we think.

If we drastically reduce our calorie intake, the body perceives it as a period of fasting and can work for a brief moment, but to abandon the initial diet can result in more weight gain and make it even harder to lose weight in the future.

Say NO to selective diets: Do not believe in diets that prohibit the body from any nutrients! No matter how much we want to lose kilograms, our body needs basic nutrients to maintain our physical and mental health, and prevent possible diseases.

This type of diet often affects our metabolism and mood.

All measures! Also, excessive practice of these “healthy diets”, increases the risk of muscle loss and malnutrition, which can lead, in extreme cases, to a heart problem.

Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are examples of situations where having the “ideal weight” can become a fatal obsession.

For all this, there is evidence that diets that continue unchecked bring no benefit to our health. First of all, you have to choose a balanced diet with advice from a professional in the area of nutrition and adjust it to fit the lifestyle goals you want to achieve.

A healthy lifestyle will bring you closer to having a healthy body and mind!