The key to the proactivity and good job performance, falls on vital things in any company: the first is the motivation to work, the second is the physical and emotional health of the work environment and the third is the support of the parties to the proceedings labor.

After doing much research, a new type of corporate culture is emerging, where it is recognized that the most important is the health and happiness of the employees of the company. Everything is mixed in an atmosphere of fun, motivation, passion and personalism for the company to have more proactive and far more stable within the same people.

A good company cares about the health of their workers, involving good benefits, excellent working environment, ways to reduce stress, etc. Now, what can you do to reduce your stress levels, be happier and therefore stay healthy at work?

5 Ways to relax and stay healthy at work

Today I want to give you 5 key ways that you must follow behavioral level, working to achieve that perfect balance.

  1. Clear your mind: Test meditation at the office. Dedicate at least 10 minutes every 2 hours to relax your brain, concentrate on you. I can supplement it with yoga classes after work. This will help you focus your attention, think clearly, support you with the emergence of new ideas and much more.
  2. Take a break: The average adult attention not last more than 60 minutes continuously. That is why it is recommended to work breaks of 10 and 15 minutes at least every hour to be much more productive.
  3. Search how to relax your stress: In some companies allow employees to work with their pets, understanding that they felt completely comfortable and satisfied in labor activity.Others are advised to listen to music with headphones at a moderate volume, not let this stop your connection to the workplace. You choose!
  4. Follow your passion: obviously the motivation to work is the most important. Ask the company you work for if you volunteer programs increase your satisfaction and happiness at work. Many times we need dose of altruism to realize how lucky we are. This also results in labor productivity. Volunteer activities help develop skill and direct connection to the community.
  5. Monitor your health: Postures while sitting for so long damage the spine and micro business breaks to walk and mobilize the musculoskeletal system are recommended. In addition, this will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and scoliosis.