My mom sent me this along with this note:

“Laura, This Is a Chinese Recipe My Mom Drank All Her Life  Until She Was 93.  I Love you Baby, Your Mom.   XOXO”

This marvelous beverage has been around for a while, Chinese naturopathic physicians prescribed it to their patients. It is said to be the key to live a longer life.

We know it thanks to Mr. Seto, who is not a celebrity, he is a regular person just like you and me. He discovered the benefits of this because he cured his condition.

Mr. Seto had lung cancer, he told us that the beverage was recommended to him by famous chinese naturopathic physician. He drank it diligently for 3 months and now his health is back, he recovered abnormally fast, so much that he decided to make it public, he wanted to let everyone know the wonderful result of having a healthy diet.

It is something easy to get and easy to afford. This is why Mr. Seto wants to make people who have any type of cancer or any other disease start drinking this beverage (that keeps body from cancer and other diseases) so they can heal themselves.

This marvelous beverage is said to “stop” carcinogenic cells. Enjoy a longer life drinking this!

What is it made of?

It is quite simple, all you need is:

  • 1 Beet
  • 2 Carrots
  • 1 Apple

Instructions :

Wash them all, cut (with skin) in little pieces, put them in the blender, mix them up and drink it right away.