We love drinking tea, we do it every time! Though sometimes we wondered if we are doing the right thing for our bodies… Is it ok to drink so much tea? When is it better to drink it?

Whenever we do anything we want to make sure it is well done, even if we have been doing it automatically. Reading this will totally change the way you drink tea.

Did you know that there are specific times to drink tea depending on its function? Herbal infusions have millions of benefits and healing properties, so that is why it is important to know when and how much tea we should drink.

You are free to drink tea every day, but it depends on the type and the purpose why you drink it.It is mandatory to know that there are two different kind of tea.

  • The soft ones you can drink them daily up to three times a day. Tea like: chamomile, peppermint, bancha, kukicha, thyme, lemon, orange, floral.
  • The strong ones they contain a lot of teina and flavonoids (depending on its ingredients) it is recommended to drink one cup a day. Black and green tea belong to this ones.

Watch the iron proportions

If you are addicted to drinking tea you need to watch the amount of iron in the blood, because it has been scientifically proved that tea blocks (part of) the absorption of iron. If tea is drunk after meals the risk of not absorbing iron disappears.

Now that you know this, don’t drink any kind of tea while you are eating. Better drink it half an hour before, or after eating.

What happens if you drink more cups of tea in a day? If it is a soft one, you don’t really have anything to worry about but for the relaxing effects, you will have an OD of relaxation. It could also cause stomachache, irritability, and a deep depuration of the body.

So now you know… Drink tea! Take advantage of the benefits provided by each leaf, herb, or fruit and enjoy those which you like the most.