Water is essential part of our everyday life, it keeps us hydrated and healthy… most of all when we are hot. Do you drink enough water? Find it out here.

It is true that one can’t kill thirst with juice or soda. There isn’t anything more refreshing than a glass of water to feel our body way much healthier and more clean.

If you notice some of these 8 signs, it means that you don’t drink enough water And you must work on it to recover your vitality!

  1. Dry mouth: this is the most evident, because you feel the urge to drink water. Water lubricates your mouth and throat which is a solution due to the lack of himidity of that zone.
  2. Dry eyes: This happens because of the lack of moisturization in the eyes’ lacrimal. If your eyes are red, drink water.
  3. Dry skin or no sweat: skin’s elasticity is kept with natural moisturization. When we are dehydrated our skin looks affected and dry. Sweating is healthy! If you don’t sweat it means your body doesn’t have water to expel toxins and thermoregulate itself. Solution? Drink water.
  4. Painful joints: our bodies are made of 80% water, having our joints hydrated helps us receive better the impacts. Keeping our joints moisturized is vital to maintain them elastic.
  5. Reduces muscles: this isn’t good. You don’t drink enough water and your muscles feel it! Drink more water before, during and after training. This reduces pain and inflammations related to exercise.
  6. You feel constantly tired: if you don’t drink enough water, the body hydrates itself with the water that is in our blood, which produces a lack of oxygen in your muscles causing tiredness.
  7. You feel constantly hungry: Body has tricked you! It isn’t hunger, is thirst. When you feel like eating your fridge, drink a glass of water and wait.
  8. You are premature aging: Your organs start failing due to the lack of water… Drink water to avoid growing old! You will keep your skin moisturized and without  wrinkles, your organs happy and your youth for longer!

The best you can do is listen to your body and set a daily goal of taking two liters of water. It works perfectly to force yourself to drink water, write down the quantities of water you drink and answer to your body’s thirst.

After having read this, surely you might think you don’t drink enough water… And you have to start! Why aren’t you drinking a glass of water right now?