If you have ever had fun playing in the mud, you might know it is incredibly therapeutical, but did you know clay therapy is actually effective for your beauty and health?

Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen,  knew it and she didn’t hesitate to ask for black mud from the dead sea, do you know what for? For her baths! Now you might recall that her beauty is mythical and has lived beyond time!

Clay has minerals and dietary elements which are essential to living beings; it has been used throughout history as a medicine for several conditions: mixed with water to cure gastritis and many other bowel or digestive-related conditions; in dust to “powder” babies in compress to deal with infections, and inflammations in specific organs.

There are different kinds of clay and each one has obvious different uses regarding the minerals each one has. The most common one is gray, and if mixed with water, one creates a mud that one applies on the skin; it also works as an antibacterial, a tissue healer, an inflammation reducer,  mineralizer and revitalizer of the vascular, nervous, respiratory and osseous systems.

Click here for a green clay mask recipe

So, whenever you go to a spa and you are offered a clay therapy, don’t hesitate! Take it!