As you know, Coachella takes place every April in Indio, California and even when it has become a spring tradition, there are still many questions for those preparing to attend the festival for the first time…

Today, I´m gonna tell you everything you must know for have the time of your life. The secret is to never leave anything to chance, planning is really important to nail down all the details. After all you don´t wanna ruin a great weekend partying because you forgot your sunblock or lost your friends cause of a dead battery!

I wrote this Coachella survival guide so you can find a few tips that might help you!

Coachella Survival Guide: What to pack

Pack strategically for comfort and the long haul. You might not see all these items as necessities, but hey! it’s better to be over-prepared than under. Don’t forget to take a peek at Coachella’s DOs and DON’Ts.

Be sure to include:

  • Sunscreen –  This is going to be your shield all the time, make sure to reapply it constantly (remember that no sprays are allowed).
  • Sunglasses – Remember to bring sunglasses and a hat or bandana to further shield yourself from the sun, bring an extra pair just in case!
  • Jacket or sweater – The nights are really chilly, bring something to keep you warm.
  • Small blanket – for an impromptu sitting spot.
  • Water – Keeping yourself hydrated is really important, bring an empty water bottle (no metal), you’ll be able to fill it once you get inside.
  • Cash– Most transactions will require cash, but more and more vendors are embracing credit cards. Even when there are ATMs, I guess you don’t want to wait fot those extra long lines.
  • Portable power bank – Your phone is going to appreciate it.
  • Bug spray – Who want bugs all over their body?
  • Earplugs – By the time your ears are buzzing after Day 2, you’ll wish you brought a pair.
  • Chapstick – a.k.a. sunscreen for your lips
  • Hand sanitizer and baby wipes -believe me, you are gonna need them for everything!!!

Coachella Survival Guide: What to wear

Coachella is a fashion runway but even when we want to dress our coolest outfits you have to think in confort first, wear a cool but comfy outfit, you’ll be fine in shorts and a t-shirt, the more breathable, the better. You’ll be sweating and sitting in the dirt all day, so wear something that cleans up easily. And hey don’t forget comfortable sneakers or boots, they are a must, (FYI, sandals may look really cute with that H&M outfit, but your feet will get gross after the first 60 minutes and believe me you are not gonna be comfortable wearing those at the porta potty)

Also don’t forget:

  • Backpack instead a bag to best distribute the weight
  • Two pairs of comfortable shoes – If it rains, you’ll have other option
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat

Coachella Survival Guide: The must list!

What to eat

In addition to staying hydrated, make sure to eat well. Coachella has a lot of food options of varying quality and prices. Dont wait till you starve yourself cause the wait times can be really long, there are usually healthy options so you can keep your diet on track and still party.

Take care of your phone 

Download the Coachella 2018 mobile app and stay up-to-date with the latest festival announcements and to have your personalized schedule just at the palm of your hand.  Put your phone on airplane mode so the battery lasts longer, try to use it only when is really necessary otherwise, if you want to keep you social at your networks your phone will use up a ton of battery trying to find a signal, so try to enjoy the moment and post it on social after! Keep your phone safe and sound at all times since it can get lost real quick!

Keep yourself safe and your stuff safer

Let me tell you, I’m the type of person that like to have more than I need just in case of… you know what I mean… Well, lucky for us in Coachella you can reserve a locker to give you the freedom to keep your hands free, besides you can store extra clothing to be prepared for hot day and chilly nights.

Set up a meeting spot

A meeting spot is really important just in case you lose your friends and you can’t reach them because you’re out of signal. TIP. Ferris wheel isn’t the best spot because is always crowded.

And finally, dance and have a good time because that’s what Coachella is about!