detox for the bad smell on your bodyIf you are someone that eats like crazy during the weekends and later in the week you wonder why your scent has changed, you may have excess of toxins in your body and diet change is affecting you. If you drank alcohol, you sure are swollen, and your body needs to get back to its pace.

Today I share with you advices to start the detox of the week, changing certain habits andfocusing on the “bad smell” that we have when the body is saturated.

If you have bad smell may be that:

1. You’re eating spicy food: Pay attention to what you eat. Perhaps the grandmother’s recipe full of cumin, is not a good option when trying to sweat odor. If add spices to all your food, when you sweat  your body will depends on those spices, and it will give you these same smell or “humor” as they call it, is very strong. Eat light, fresh salads and it includes removing refined foods from your diet.

2. Type of clothing you are using: Check if you are using not natural fibers and contain materials that makes you sweat more. Try to use fabrics that are lightweighted and cottons.Remember that your clothes collect odors that could undermine the benefits of a daily bath.

3. The deodorant you use: Try not to use an antiperspirant deodorant because the sweat comes out of the body on any side and it is better to sweat and odorless, than force the body to not sweat. Opt for natural deodorants.

Home Remedies for Bad Odor

1. Take half a lemon and placing a teaspoon of baking soda. Squeeze a little and make a smooth paste. Place it under your arms before going to sleep and bathe in the morning  to remove it.

2. Prepare a Salvia tea and drink it for a week. This will make you sweat less andneutralize body odors.

3. As a deodorant can mix distilled water with drops of your favorite natural oil (lemon or orange). You can also add a few drops of tea tree oil or tree that is a disinfectant. This deodorant is corporeal, so when you need to refresh your body, use it.