Let me explain something to you . I think the flowers are very good. Yes a lot of people say they have a placebo effect, but the Placebo Effect itself has been observed in patients who don’t have brain function in the areas we associate with placeboes.

Also, doctors know better than anybody that human biology is a peculiar science and the application of medicine is not governed by wide-ranging Universal laws like physics and chemistry. Medicinal treatments and responses vary between individuals.

Bach Flower Remedies were invented and developed by Dr. Edward Bach about 80 years ago.
A prominent physician, Dr. Bach decided to leave his practice and focus on homeopathy. He left London and began researching plant essences and their effect on humans.

Dr. Bach isolated and classified 38 flowers from which he extracted 38 essences with which he succeeded in healing patients’ ailments while taking into account their individual emotional states. Dr. Bach found that certain flower essences led to self-healing, as they purified the patient of negative elements that adversely affected their health.

Bach Flower remedies are completely safe for use by anyone, including children. They are natural, non-toxic, and non-habit-forming. Moreover, treatment with Bach Flowers can be combined with other homeopathic or conventional treatments. While it is unusual for Bach Flowers to be used for physical symptoms, it is possible that through their use, the body will heal itself of symptoms as the patient reaches a balanced mental state.

Bach Flower essences aid in changing negative emotions and eliminating defective traits or attitudes in such a way as to lead to the patient’s peace of mind and contentment. Use of the essences aids in coping with stress, anxiety, depression, anger, fear, guilt, worry, and many other disturbing feelings.

The essences can help us to improve our emotional and mental state, thus balancing the body and the mind.