It’s time to end the urban myth that “stop sleeping makes you burn calories and lose weight by physical wear” this is totally false, in fact, poor sleep makes gain weight and could be the cause of your extra pounds.

A study by the University of Chicago says that lack of sleep affects a hormone called “ghrelin”, which is known to affect appetite and weight. One could say that it is feared, especially by women, and that an increase in the level of this hormone increases your appetite and fat retention.

Don’t stay up late to not gain weight

This is why you should try to avoid staying up late and sleep at least six hours a day and include a light dinner before bedtime; so you can keep your figure and also you will feel much better on waking.

Here are six consequences of lack of sleep on weight:

  • You’re more likely to eat high fat and sugar.
  • People who stay awake until dawn can consume up to 550 calories during the night.
  • You have less energy in the morning, so avoid physical activity.
  • You will choose your food incorrectly, you can not say no to junk food and cederás impulse.
  • One sleepless night can disrupt your metabolism
  • Lack of sleep leads to lower levels of the hormone of fullness, so you eat more.