Breakfast, lunch, dinner… Why should we eat 3 times a day? Is it a cultural thing or has a biological reason? The answer will leave you surprised!

The story of why we eat 3 times a day arises in the early twentieth century, after the 20s, where most people began to have regular working hours, forcing them to eat before leaving home, pause and then eat the job, and then have a late meal.

Before this, at the time of the industrial revolution, the most common thing was to make two meals a day … Today we would call them breakfast and dinner. And long before, in ancient Rome, it was common to make one meal a day.

Is it a cultural thing?

It’s certainly something of the contemporary culture, where the daily routine has led people to eat 3 times a day. Jobs offer work breaks to increase proactivity, so the habit of eating at those times was generated.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it provides all the energy necessary to support the body … then lunch should be something that regenerate your vitality, wake you up, eliminate anxiety and gives you strength. And at night you must eat something with  little fat and calories to let your body rest.

Fat and calories? yes you read it right!

Keep your body healthy, always measuring the amounts of food and caloric intakes amount thereof. Have an active life, choose natural options and see the changes.