Those of us who live in the cities are exposed to different types of energy – even if we can’t see it – they are everywhere, surrounding us and going through us 24/7; this energy comes from devices that generate electromagnetic fields that affect our health and are able to unleash carcinogenic cell due to radiation.

It is impossible to even think of depurating everything that surrounds us, unless we decide to move to away from civilization and go living in an isolated mountain. As that won’t happen, we need deal with it in the most healthy way possible; so we can escape from some effects caused by radiation such as: lack of focus, insomnia, headaches, tiredness, tachycardia, dizziness.

Though some of this advice might be insignificant at the beginning, I assure you you will notice an improvement quite soon and you won’t even remember how you lived before:

  • Take out all electronic devices you have in  your room, that would be idyllic! However, if you can’t (because of space) try to have them at least at one meter away from your bed.
  • Unplug electronic and electric devices whenever you are not using them (including wifi and bluetooth)
  • Use wireless telephones with the ECO-Dect function.
  • You table lamp will go better with bulbs that are not fluorescent or halogen.
  • If you use any home appliance, try to keep half a meter if it is small or a meter if it is big.
  • Put big pieces of quartz around, they will absorb that electromagnetic energy, you will notice it when you wash it.
  • Open the windows and let light and negative ions in.