It isn’t only a toy from your childhood, but now you can “play” with it as part of your exercise routine. Nowadays, dancing with a hula hoop is an excellent entertaining way to lose weight.

Who wouldn’t like to have fun while toning up and burning some calories? What used to be a summertime distraction has become so much more than just moving the hips at the sound of music.

These are the reasons why you should start it now:

1)   Steel abs: In order to make the hula hoop spin you need to contract your abs. That is why it is an excellent exercise to tone this muscles. NOTE: you can also tone your arm and legs.

2)   Burn calories: an hour of hula hoop can burn between 400 and 600 calories!

3)   It is a cardiovascular exercise: whenever you dance with the hula hoop you increase your heart rate, therefore you will improve your physical condition.

4)   It improves your coordination: The physical and balance effort demanded by the hula hoop will definitely improve your coordination. Even more if you are able to switch directions while you’re on it. Improve your coordination by doing these exercises too, click here!

5)   Feel the music: listening to it just to follow it doesn’t work, you need to feel the music! It has a positive impact on your mood.