What’s the social place of your home? We would almost automatically say that is the living room, but if you think about it a little more, I’m sure that, as in my house, is the kitchen, it always ends up being the place where all the guests go when we want to give them some attention and between stories we ended up sitting in the kitchen, even in meetings it ends up being the favorite meeting place.

That’s why I like a spacious, cozy and beautifully decorated kitchen, always well groomed and avoiding chaos because there’s nothing worse than having the kitchen in a mess, it causes us discomfort and to those who visit us too.

According to feng shui, this is one of the most important places because that’s where the food that will nourish our bodies is prepared and where the four elements should merge, is our alchemical laboratory and as such must learn to balance it. Because of the big presence of water and fire, these colors should be avoided or used sparingly, therefore it’s recommended to use beidge colors ranging from yellow, light brown and green, preferably with furniture made of wood to give the earth element.

Another thing what we should think about are the kitchen utensils, traditional materials such as glass, clay and wood will always work better (as long as they are specifically made for cooking) because they are recyclable, easy to wash and will not contaminate our food.

Another recommended materials are cast iron, ceramic coatings and silicone utensils; Teflon to prevent the enamel coatings, containing lead and even stainless steel or aluminum, which is currently believed that the metals may release in the middle of cooking. Do you want the best for your family? Transform your kitchen in your favor!