With hormones do not play! Your health is important and take care of your hormones is essential, especially after 40 years. See why!

The life of a woman is closely linked to their hormones, from adolescence onward experienced myriad changes do not end until after menopause, the dreaded changes generated around 40 years when hormone levels begin to drop and what is the perfect time to begin to deal strictly ourselves.

Estrogen and progesterone When begin to vary, our player and cardiovascular system and even the bones are virtually drift. There changes that can lead to disorders in temperature and sleep, irritability, muscle disorders and skeletal, skin changes, vaginal dryness, abnormal menstrual bleeding, formation of polyps, fibroids or other conditions that in some cases trigger occur some types of tumors and cancer.

So we must take care of our food throughout life, try to lead a life as natural as possible, practice exercises and make this our lifestyle, along with periodic reviews to ensure that everything runs as it should be.