Your hair style can be the determining factor to maintain a much healthier scalp… And no, I’m not just talking about that you should cut your hair. The solution is much simpler! And it’s how you comb your hair regularly.

Ready to have a healthy hair? Keep reading…

Did you know that most women comb our hair with the same style for a long time? The hair always part by the same area, we are used to carry a certain way, and although it comfortable for us, is not healthy for our hair.

Changing  our typical style, with a single step, does more than change your look, you can make your hair grow healthier and can even stop the steady decline of the same.

How can it be possible? The answer is simple. Basically you have to change the position in which parts your hair every day.

This is because the longer the hair is in a specific way, with greater weight down, it tends to break more in the base. Especially if you use tools for constantly straightening or waving hair.

Hair weight, in one position for more days more strands fall and thus lose more hair.

Change your style and keep a healthy hair

Grab a fine-tooth comb, and put your hair to one side, or make a stripe in the middle. Modify your typical “split” and give freedom and life to hair. When you do this, you give a break to your roots and you strengthen the porosity of the scalp.

Accompany this with shampoos and natural treatments to strengthen the strands, and apply masks to prevent hair loss. It’s easy and completely affordable!

So now you know, if you want to have healthy hair, practice this simple step to look beautiful and take care of your hair!