There is no more uncomfortable pain, than sores and tongue bites, typical of not paying attention when chewing and biting unintentionally.

Aside from being painful, often they bleed outrageously .. but the trouble is generated later when you eat food or drink.

Today I want to give you some home remedies to relieve bites language naturally, effectively and quickly.

There are simple remedies and my recommendation is to follow the steps carefully. Tongue bites happen consistently, even as much as the appearance of sores on the inside of the cheek.

If this happens, do not hesitate to apply these tips.

3 Natural home Remedy for tongue bites

Apply ice immediately to produce the wound. If you bit her tongue and is a minor wound, put ice to prevent the area to swell. You will stop the bleeding, and the cold will relieve the pain of the bite. If it is a major injury, and doesn’t stop bleeding should see your doctor.

Rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide. Place a glass with half water and half hydrogen peroxide. Rinse the mouth with emphasis on the area that has the wound and discomfort. Do not swallow the mix! Simply it helps you to relieve pain and inflammation in the area.

Keep your daily oral hygiene. Gargle with antiseptics, brush your dietes after every meal and keep your mouth free of germs to prevent infection.

What remedies you use for wounds in the mouth or tongue?