It’s horrible when you open a cream and inadvertently put it on the skin and it begins to give you an itch or allergy because you did not realize that this cream was expired. Or when you want to put your favorite shade and even try to break it with a hammer again becomes creamy and it has lost its color.



Desirable lifetime
Foundation3 to 6 months with no change in consistency, flavor or color.
Face powder1 year.
Masks3 months.
Lipsticks1 year.
Eye or Lip Pencil1 year. If you tip out once a week, longer life. If broken, discard it.
Facial cleaners or lubricants1 year.
Facial Toners1 year.
Natural Cosmetics6 months.
Shampoo24 months.
Body Wash24 months.
Synthetic and Natural BrushesWash them once a month. Synthetic ones three times a month.
Sponges1 month. Wash before each use.