You bought some new cooking pans, used them, you were happy that they were intact and still had all of their properties… until you started seeing them wearing out and you began to hate them … Has it ever happened to you?

None of this would happen if we knew how to take care of our pots and cooking pans, giving them proper care and cleaning to avoid scratches that damage your nonstick surface or its amazing magical properties for your food just right.

How to naturally clean your cooking pans

Traditionally the way to clean a pan is using warm or hot water and soap. But in order to make scratches disappear, I advise you to rub the surface with an olive oil and ash based paste.

In order to get brightness back to your pans, my tip is as simple as rubbing a cloth dampened with a mixture of water and alcohol afterwards.

It’s also been proven that when you boil vegetables, this often slightly blackens the pot or pan. In order to fix this, there’s a trick that consists in boiling water in the pot adding some lemon juice (Just a little).

So, if you want your cooking pans to last longer, then follow these tips and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them more.