What is your child carrying on his or her school backpack? Many children carry heavy weights on their school backpack, and shoulders suffer from overweight causing back discomfort and sometimes injury.

The problem is both in the school backpack and the weight they carry. The weight is the factor that damages the muscles and joints of the body of a child by the pressure generated.

The best recommendation is that children have lockers or spaces to leave some materials at school so that they only carry the necessary on their school backpack when going home. Still, for this school season you must be careful when purchasing their school supplies and school backpack.

While buying the school backpack note the weight and size of your child, since they shouldn’t bear more than 10% of their weight. Learning about this can prevent back injuries to your child. Consider the following:

  • The best school backpack should be the two straps that distribute the weight on the shoulders of your child.

  • NOTE: backpacks with wheels tend to generate shoulder injuries by doing arm effort to pull the weight.
  • Make sure that the school backpack has wide, padded straps.
  • Adjust the weight to the back of your child, leaving the school backpack to hang about 5 cm above the waist.

  • Organize the school backpack: Heavier books should be closer to the back.
  • Limit the weight of the contents: Don’t let them take unnecessary burdens.
  • Check the carrying time: A school backpack shouldn’t be carried for more than 15 minutes, this is why parents should teach their children to take care of their back.