It still amazes me the amount of animal abuse that exists in the world… How can a person hurt another living being just for fun, pleasure or just for a whim? I’m glad to say that in France they “put their pants” and the parliament passed a law that legally protects dogs and cats.

Thanks to a petition that garnered more than 700,000 signatures, the French Parliament has decided to stop considering dogs and cats as “goods”. Just as you read it … Before the adoption of the law, dogs and cats were considered the same legal value as a piece of furniture.

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Illogical, right? Compare an independent being who breathes, moves and feels, as a mere piece of furniture in our home … an “added” to our home assets. This is why animal advocacy groups were responsible for a long time to campaign until the Assembly approved the draft law that would give dogs and cats rights as living beings.

This law also protect them from abuse, also it includes who gets the pet in case of divorce, and allows the animals to receive inheritances.

What do you think of this French project?


I also want to share with you , the benefits of having a pet home!

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