Christmas is an amazing time for children! The love the colors, the food, being out of school… Get them entertained with this activities.

1. Christmas carols with prizes. Sit the children in a circle and place in the middle a sack in which you’ve placed card stock paper pieces already cut with Christmas icons such as spruce, stars, and snowflakes with the name of a Christmas song written on them. Next to it, put several small gifts wrapped in several layers of paper. Take one of the cards and read the name of the song. The child who first sings may take a gift and remove a paper layer of it. Whoever removes the last layer, keeps it. If you want to complicate the game, ask them to make up new lyrics to the tune of the traditional sonata.

2. Decorating the whole house. Shop at a store snow spray. Let your child draw a Christmas picture on a card stock paper and cut out the shape. It is important that the drawing is very big: a snowman, a Santa Claus, a fir tree with garlands. You can also make an ornament to hang on the door or the typical socks for Santa Claus to fill them with gifts. Just need a bit of red felt, a piece of white felt and some branches and leaves that you can get in the park. Cut out the shape of the boot and sew the edges.

3. Garlands everywhere. Cut strips of card stock about three inches wide in different colors and ask your child to decorate them with cartoons. Then let your child make circles with them, glue the ends with adhesive and interlace them with each other.
You can hang them from any pictures on the house, around door frames, walls, etc.

4. An embossed postcard. Pick a card stock and fold it in half. Let your child write a nice Christmas greeting for your family. Then decorate the cover with a Christmas illustration. You can use pieces of card stock or shiny paper and create a drawing. Or a sprig of pine can act as spruce, cotton balls like snowflakes or clouds and finish throwing a little silvery purple to give it more sparkling to such a pretty picture.

5. A Christmas freshener. Take an orange and decorate it with a pretty ribbon around. Then place cloves in several areas of the orange skin that are not decorated. Hang it up on a rope and enjoy the unbeatable smell it has. Even when Christmas is over, this scent will last weeks.

Source: guía del niño.com