Lemons are a must have. Whatever you use them for, they are absolutely helpful. With these tips you won’t make them eternal, but they will last longer.

What for do you use it for? Lemonades, dressing your salads, to spicy your food, for beauty recipes or even to clean… Lemons are tasty and have multiple benefits! However, if you don’t take care of them they can dry up, or get spoiled with mold.  Has it happened to you?

The worst mistake people make is to store them in the fridge. That dries them up! Don’t expose them to direct sunlight or else they will get hard and spoil with mold…

Don’t waste your money, don’t waste your food. These simple tips will help you keeping your lemons to last longer!

  • Put the lemons in a recipient with tap and cover them with water. This recipient goes later to the fridge. You will keep them juicy longer! NOTE: a glass recipient is recommended.
  • Use a ziploc bag! These hermetic little bags are wonderful. Store your lemon is a bag, before closing it add ¼ cup of water. By doing so you keep humidity and prevents your lemons from spoiling.

What do you do to keep your fruits from spoiling? Tell me how it went.